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Jan 8

In honor of The King of Rock and Rolls birthday, this post is dedicated to Elvis Presley. Elvis died when he was just 42 and would have been 77 years old if he were still alive today. Luckily, Elvis did reproduce with the gorgeous Priscilla Presley, because after all, Elvis was way to good looking not to reproduce.

Some rumors suggest that Elvis was a little shocked when he had his one and only child Lisa Marie Presley, however, there are many stories that prove Elvis was a caring and loving father. Lisa Marie has told stories about how she would put on shows for dad where she would impersonate his legendary hip swings and pelvic thrusts while singing his newest songs. She states that Elvis would laugh and cry from happiness when she did this. I don’t know about you, but dads getting emotional over their kids = sexy sexy and sexier.

Elvis is also the reason Lisa Marie is in the music industry. He would record her performances and always encourage her to follow her dreams of becoming a musician.

Stunning good looks, supportive and sensitive? Why did you have to leave us Elvis?!

Never the less, Elvis Presley is a musician that will never be forgotten and one hunk of a dad that we will always acknowledge and appreciate. Happy Birthday Elvis!

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